Friday, April 13, 2007

Hybrid Vehicle Technology Getting Industrial

Looks like changes in the supply markets for oil and related goods are having a trickle-down effect on industrial and commercial machinery manufacturers. Now, it seems readily apparent to me that diesel-electric hybrid motors just make sense, especially in industrial applications. You get high torque from the diesel engine when and if you need it, efficient minute to minute power from the batteries, can generate additional electricity efficiently using the diesel when the batteries are low, and modern diesels can even be easily converted to run on bio-diesel and other alternative fuels.

Interesting to see the degree of penetration hybrids are having commercially - trains, buses, heavy construction equipment, even boats.

It certainly makes one wonder where the consumer diesel-electric hybrids are in the development cycle, and if there are any reasons why consumer hybrids of this type are not being actively pursued.

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