Thursday, December 18, 2008

The curious foci of modern news media

I find it quite interesting to track the kinds of news stories that get national media coverage in the United States against those that get only limited coverage. As far as i can tell, most news coverage consists of truly trivial stories that have little or no bearing on the big picture. How we live, what we understand about the earth and the universe around us, why things are happening in the way that they are. None of these questions seem to be addressed, almost ever.

So a story about how there are two large holes in the Earths magnetic field shows up well below the fold, while stories about assorted minutia accrue top billing. And folks wonder why the world works the way it does ....

Why can't the media exercise some discretion in regard to the stories they promote? Isn't there some measure of abstract importance that could be applied?

Ah well, I suppose the game changes but the story remains the same. C'est la vie.

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